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Purpose-driven speaker-leaders meeting to learn new skills, practice current projects, give & receive constructive feedback

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Speakership is Leadership

Where are you leading with your speaking?

Is it time for you to step up and speak more?

Are you in a role of leadership and are wanting direction for how to shape your words to your community?

Do have a talk that the world needs to hear, but would like feedback to hone it?

Are you looking for a mentor or group of people to meet with and learn more about your own art and skill of speaking?

At MasterSpeaker Lab, we utilize principles of public speaking to improve all your spoken leadership communication.

MSL Membership Group is a community of thinkers, creators, leaders, and speakers, gathered to develop their speaking. Membership includes:

  • Weekly 90 min group meeting
  • Real-time group speaking practice, feedback, and problem solving,
  • Recordings of past webinars and Open Office Hours mini-lessons
  • Private Facebook page for conversation, access to experts, and feedback on your speaking
  • 50% off MasterSpeaker Lab full online courses

Our weekly live Zoom calls and our ongoing facebook discussion group will touch on topics such as:

  • Public Speaking principles to benefit all your communication
  • Finding your core idea
  • Your pre-audience ritual
  • Storytelling tools and formats
  • Body language for the stage or screen
  • Ideas to inspire leadership communication
  • more...

Whether we are leading a webinar, keynoting on a stage, presenting a project to colleagues, telling our story, or stepping into a critical conversation, we all need feedback, support, and understanding of the concepts that can evolve and advance our speaking.

Your Instructor

Margaret Watts Romney
Margaret Watts Romney

Perpetual student Margaret works with speakers across the U.S and internationally. She is known for supporting over a thousand presenters and coaching over 100 TEDx speakers.

Margaret has been nicknamed “The Benevolent Pusher” for her uncanny ability to be supportive, directive, and entertaining as she leads communication workshops. She says, “Speakership is Leadership” and is passionate about helping people lead with their speaking. Read more

Her free time is filled with meditation, podcasts, tea, hiking the paths of Boulder, CO, and reveling in her three grown daughters’ marvelous lives.

Course Curriculum

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Courses Included with Purchase

MINI COURSE: Confidence for Critical Conversations
Communicate with clarity and have confidence when it matters most
Margaret Watts Romney
Let’s talk about why mindset is so important, a few mindset tools, and how it affects your speaking.
Margaret Watts Romney
MINI COURSE: Connecting to Your Audience
Match your content to the audience’s level of understanding.
Margaret Watts Romney
MINI COURSE: Repetition
Why repetition is important and how to repeat ideas within a talk in fresh ways.
Margaret Watts Romney
MINI COURSE: Your Core Idea
Why a core idea is important and Ideas to get you started to find yours.
Margaret Watts Romney
MINI COURSE: Starting Strong
Choose your first words to make an impact, support your core idea, and connect with your audience
Margaret Watts Romney
Calibrate your timing for your audience’s maximum attention
Margaret Watts Romney

Original Price: $105

Frequently Asked Questions

When does membership start and finish?
The membership starts now! You immediately gain access to all of the past recordings of sessions, and soon you will receive invites to our Private Facebook Group and Zom calls as well.
How long do I have access to this membership?
As long as you like! We're continuing to build and grow and are excited for you to join our community. You have access to all the recordings, materials, groups, and calls as long as your membership is current! Welcome!!
What if I am unhappy with my membership?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

I've been a member of Margaret's public speaking group. Margaret delivers so much value to my public speaking, evolvement, energy and growth. I particularly love the self discovery that Margaret facilitates with her introspective questions, and the space she creates for us that’s SO safe. Margaret KNOWS her stuff!

- Liz Langston, Business Mindset Coach

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