Speakership Fundamentals Program

Raising presentation and speaking skills for speaker-leaders who need to make a difference and be remembered.


Your organization’s success hinges on speaking skills.

A team’s communication shows trustworthy professionalism, connects memorably with clients, and represents the company brand.

The reality is that most professionals haven’t had speaking training since long ago college days… if ever. They need freshly sharpened abilities around body language, presentation development, confidence, and verbally responding to surprises.

Speakership Fundamentals is a program that revives public speaking basics, upgrades body language literacy, teaches story-based strategies, and delivers efficient presentation structures.

In this interactive, laughter-filled, fumbles-welcome, learning-intensive space we understand impactful non-verbal language, learn to manage nerves, dive into your own real-time communication projects, and realize the speaking principles we all already have.

Man on stage speaking to the audience


  • Delivery & Body Language
  • Communication Mindset
  • Presentation preparation
  • On the spot speaking


  • Team members: those who innovate, solve problems, work with people, and need to present their ideas with their words
  • “Sudden Leaders”: people who have deep experience in one area, but now need to lead teams and face stakeholders
  • Established Leaders: speakers who need strategies to share their vision and inspire a call to action in their teams
Woman talking confidently
Man confidently leading the team conversation


  • Plan to manage nerves & energy 
  • Connect to novices and experts
  • Navigate surprises, pivots, and friction
  • Show confidence and leadership
  • Create memorable presentations

Master Speaker Lab Praise

In their own words…

In their own words…

Speakership Fundamentals creates an understanding of how effectively manage meetings and conversations, giving the participant tools to immediately apply as well as improve with practice. It is great for both the novice and the experienced speakers.

Andrew Paul Smith, Principal Engineer at Trace3

In the Speakership training, I have learned to be more present in my meetings with my clients and potential clients. I have learned the importance of providing context in the meetings with our groups, which also helped me to bring that into my interactions with my clients.

Lidiane Mocko, CRM Growth Strategy

I’ve seen the level of confidence increase in pretty much every single person that took the Speakership Fundamentals program.

In the Speakership Fundamentals program, what stood out were actual tools for calming the nerves. I think it was a great team bonding exercise and definitely made me overall just more confident.

If you do the work you will get the value. Invest in yourself! Also the workshops truly foster a team environment and I feel closer to the members of [my team] that attended with me

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