What is MasterSpeaker Lab?

These are not simple times. Not only are we in a time of change but the pace of change is increasing. Rarely is there a project that can be resolved with one good answer.

Frequently we find ourselves in the messy middle along the path to where we want to go, without a clear understanding of who is standing with us, where they are coming from, and if we’re all looking in the same direction.

How do we find our way through to the other side?

We speak with each other.

Built on principles from public speaking, brain science, and ageless narrative wisdom, MasterSpeaker Lab was created to serve the need for people to not only stand up with confidence and say something, but to lay the groundwork with their words, follow up with repeated messages, and communicate through the inevitable pivots along the way.

MasterSpeaker Lab is the cross-section of public speaking and purposeful leadership.

Not just a one-time boost, but a resource for continued growth.

Not just “what do I do with my hands,” but also “how do I show up with more presence?”

Not just a recipe for presenting, but expert guides with multiple frameworks to bring clarity to your next communication steps.

What speakership skills are being asked of you and your team?

About Margaret Watts Romney

Margaret Watts Romney is a presenter, teacher, and group synergy builder who has been teaching, speaking, stumbling, shaking on the stage, navigating communication blocks, and discovering better ways for her clients to lead for over 20 years.

Her life’s work is helping others connect with their audience and present themselves with confidence, whether on a stage, in the boardroom, or in a one-to-one conversation. Through her coaching, she helps clients hone their message, understand the value they can give to their listeners, and achieve exceptional results.

After coaching over 100 TEDx speakers, she developed the motto “Speakership is Leadership.” See sees that if you speak, you are leading, and all leaders must speak. Incorporating leadership into all of her work with clients, she now transforms young workers into well-spoken professionals & established professionals into inspiring leaders through fresh knowledge, consistent habits, and community engagement. Her programs are fueled by Master’s studies of Strategic Communication and coaching training with the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Margaret’s coaching style is defined by her values of wisdom, generosity, and joy. Her clients value her safe spaces, stimulating questions, firm nudging, and quick laughter.

Her free time is filled with kitchen gardens, podcasts, tea, subjecting herself to swims the cold waters of Maine, and reveling in her three grown daughters’ marvelous lives.

About Charles Crutchfield

Charles has a BA in Foreign Affairs and Oriental Languages from the University of Virginia and has done extensive graduate-level study in Business and Psychology. He holds sixth degree black belt rank and master’s teaching certification in Dotokushinji Karate and is a Zen Priest in the Hollow Bones Tradition.

Charles has been developing leaders and coaching them through organizational change, leadership communication, and career growth since 1999. He works from a commitment to ongoing learning on a path towards leadership mastery, focusing on identifying and supporting growth goals shaped by clients’ professional objectives, assessment results, and individual aspirations. Charles has supported clients in the context of consulting engagements as well as direct, long-term coaching relationships. His clients are often executives or principals dealing with high-level challenges, but he also works effectively with line-level workers, mid-career professionals, and individual contributors at the top of their fields. Charles has worked in a wide range of organizations, from Fortune 50 companies to national labs and universities, to fast-paced startups
and vibrant small businesses.

Clients can expect to see improvements in:

Speaking confidence
Effective calls to action
Storytelling techniques
Networking preparation
Efficient meeting strategies
Balancing strategic thinking with tactical execution
Greater visibility for their business, brand, and themselves

Our Ideal Clients

We are selective about who we work with.

Not everyone is a match for our programs, but we work best with those who are…

  • Building upon stable projects (3+ years)
  • Envisioning a greater future for all stakeholders
  • Aspiring to serve, be remembered, and get results
  • Intent on supporting the skill development of their team

“Leaders are not the ones in charge. Leaders are the ones with the courage to go first.”
—Simon Sinek

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