Talks Night Program

A program to train, prepare, and feature your speaker-leaders for sharing their inspiring talks from the stage or screen.


“At a time when the right idea presented the right way can ripple across the world at the speed of light…public speaking is the key to unlocking empathy, stirring excitement, sharing knowledge and insights, and promoting a shared dream.”Chris Anderson, Head of TED

Leaders are speaking constantly: team meetings, client calls, colleague conversations, and general problem solving with others.

But what about actual public speaking? Carefully honing thoughts and stories to share with an audience from the spotlight? What messages need to be crafted, visions shared, and stories of leadership told?

The truth is… a well-crafted talk takes time and effort, but the skills learned there echo far beyond the night of the event and the spotlight. The Speaker’s skills are enhanced and the talk itself lasts in the minds of listeners long after a weekly meeting’s agenda and action items are forgotten.

What are the stories your community needs to hear? Who are the emerging and established leaders to need to tell them?

Talks Night is a dynamic program that takes speakers from “what do I say?” to “YES! I did it!”

We dive into “stage fright,” finding your message, telling a story, and “what do I do with my hands?!”

In the end, experience either an unforgettable evening of live talks to an in-person audience or an unforgettable evening of well-crafted videos and conversation with a vibrant virtual audience.


  • Personal website pages
  • Social media engagement
  • Accessible research content
  • Public Relations material
  • Conference applications


  • Up to 8 Participants
  • Eight 2 hour group sessions over 8 weeks
  • Sixty minutes of “homework” between sessions
  • Two 30-min individual coaching sessions per participant
  • One “dress rehearsal” session before recording


  • Discover individuals’ stories of innovation, creation, and leadership
  • Multi-stage path to guide speakers from pre-idea to delivery
  • A plan to hone nerves & energy & confidence
  • Body language literacy for leadership
  • Storytelling skills to boost future presentations

Master Speaker Lab Praise

In their own words…

In their own words…

Margaret is an incredible leader and coach. Working with her on a TEDx staff, I have witnessed her meet each and every speaker with empathy and depth. Rather than “tell” speakers how to be or what to say, Margaret leads them on a journey to discover — more deeply — what is at the core of their message. She gives feedback with kindness and clarity, and she has guided countless people toward giving their absolute best talks with poise, confidence and grace — all while enjoying a phenomenal process of learning.

Brenton Zola, Writer

Margaret is an exceptional coach. Her ability to deliver constructive criticism in a kind but clear way is rare. Her skill at distilling complex and convoluted ideas into clear stories that can be understood by a broad audience is unique and refreshing. I would highly recommend Margaret for anyone with a technical or complex topic that needs distilling and those that need assistance in their performance/speaking skills.

Stacey Sery headshot

I had the opportunity to work with Margaret recently through the Speakership is Leadership program. She was great at helping each member of our group find what they were passionate about it and forming a story to tell, and not only a story but a story that meant something and was inspiring. I never realized how much of an impact your story can have when you can relay a story that others can relate to and picture in their minds. It has given me a new approach to how I communicate with my team.

Stacey Sery, Director of Treasury at Charter Communications
Amily Anhalt headshot

Margaret is a fantastic speaking coach! She has the calm yet strong demeanor that instantly puts you at ease and gets you excited to dive in and do the work. I highly recommend Margaret for anyone looking to level up their speaking game – she will help you become more concise, more confident, and more capable as a speaker.

Dr. Emily Anhalt, Cofounder Coa & Clinical Psychologist
Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson headshot

I had the pleasure of working with Margaret to harness the power of story telling. Her insights greatly improved my ability to craft a compelling, evocative, cohesive story. She is highly skilled and makes herself so available to her clients.

Dr Stefanie K Johnson, Author, Speaker, and Professor

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