Calling all Sudden Leaders. This book is for you. 

What happens when you’re suddenly in a leadership position, but you didn’t plan on being the one speaking up or being listened to?

You’ve become what we at Master Speaker Lab refer to as a Sudden Leader. It can be an uncomfortable position, but with the right tools and resources, you can identify and develop your own “speakership.” I offer such resources in my recently published book, Speakership is Leadership: A guide for sudden leaders who need to lead with their words. Yesterday. 

In it, I define “speakership” as something that goes beyond public speaking and embraces a holistic approach to guiding others with your words.

“Speakership is never complete. Speakership isn’t a one-time event you get through with a sigh of relief at the end. Speakership is a practice continuously evaluated, upgraded, and honed with others.”— Margaret Watts Romney, 

I wrote this book for two audiences: for you and for me. 

For me: It is a book I wish I had had at a younger age. Being a rather small, sometimes quiet woman, I sometimes didn’t know how to use my voice. I had ideas for how my communities could move forward toward our shared purpose, but I didn’t know how to lead or how to speak up.

For you: I wrote this book for all who find themselves as a Sudden Leader. After coaching over 100 TEDx speakers and working with countless professionals, I want to share the principles I’ve learned to support your growth, whether in the conference room, on the stage, or even in a family conversation. 

One unique perspective I bring to this book is my own history of being terrified and dreading speaking in public, whether that was on a stage or even at a gathering with friends. I want to share with you ideas, strategies, and life philosophies that helped me learn to use my voice and have a vision so that I could create the communities and the things that I wanted to be and see in the world.

Drawing upon stories of family dynamics, work dilemmas, and TEDx speakers backstage, Speakership Is Leadership presents a thought-provoking exploration of the multifaceted nature of speaking.



  • Inspiring examples of everyday leadership

  • Frameworks for impactful communication

  • Questions to inspire your development

  • Tools to manage speaking nerves

  • How to dispel four speaking myths

  • Strategies for memorable presentations

  • Why preparation is greater than practice

  • Steps to regain your footing after a blunder

  • Stories of leaders stepping up and leading with presence


I think of “Speakership is Leadership” not as a book but as an invitation. Are you ready to step into thinking about, examining, and expanding how and where you use your voice? 

Say yes to your own speakership, or support the speakers around you, with a book (AMAZON, BARNES AND NOBLE, or BOOKSHOP.ORG)

Whether you’re an aspiring public speaker, a team leader, or simply seeking to make a difference, I hope this book will inspire you to step onto your chosen stages and amplify your voice through the art of speakership. 



Leaders need people on their teams who can speak well but rarely is communication education available. Speakership is Leadership bridges the gap by being interesting, moving, and practical. By supporting the speaking skills of all voices, an organization can move towards understanding, inclusion, and even belonging.
—Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, Author of National Bestseller INCLUSIFY, Tenured Professor at CU Boulder Leeds School of Business

In this readable, profound, and surprising book, Margaret Watts Romney breaks down the elements of successful speakership in a vivid style and winds up teaching the reader not only about dynamic leadership speaking but also about showing up in humanity.
—Michael M. Chemers, PhD, MFA, Chair of the Department of Performance, Play & Design at the University of California Santa Cruz

Speakership is Leadership is essential reading for leaders. Margaret skillfully blends her expertise in public speaking with insights from neuroscience and captivating storytelling to offer valuable wisdom for leaders of all levels. It is impeccably written, enthralling, inspiring, and a wellspring of inspiration.
— Lidiane Moreira Mocko, Founder CRM Growth Strategy, MBA




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